It was from an early age that Julie Yendall developed her love for Couture, following a family Passion.

Her Nana, who Specialised in Wedding Gowns and Formal Wear, taught her how to sew, when she was just 4. She would take her to Second Hand Shops to buy baby clothes, in order to modify them, and fit them on her dolls.

When Julie turned 18, she began to work for a Bridal Store in Perth in the Dress Making Department. After a few years of perfecting her Sewing knowledge, and in her strike of new Inspiration, she decided to Travel the World.

She worked for approximately 7 years in Bridal Stores in London, Married in Scotland and returned to Perth in 2005. Julie then decided that it was time to start her own Business allowing her to work around her two Daughters.

She opened her first Studio in 2012, and she has since been sourcing Fabrics and Products Worldwide to create unique Boho and Art Déco Bridal Designs. Always looking for the Perfect Fit with a particular attention to detail.

Dreaming for years of creating her own Collection, “Joie de vivre” (Julie’s nickname while she travelled the world, French for “exuberant enjoyment of life”), was born in 2019. The Collection is a Mix and Match allowing the Future Bride to create her        own Unique Bridal Gown.

Using the highest Quality Textiles sourced from all around the world, Modern Bohemian vibes, and Handmade, these gowns are the Perfect Creation for today’s Bride.